The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) is the largest dataset about people with arts degrees from North American institutions ever assembled. Since 2008, SNAAP has worked with over 300 educational institutions to survey their arts alumni. The results have provided new insights into the educational experiences and careers of graduates from all arts disciplines.

This SnaapGraph shows key SNAAP results from the survey administered by your institution. Most institutions will observe program strengths as well as areas for improvement and attention, opportunities for innovation, and ways to ensure that graduates pursue fulfilling careers.

The full SNAAP Institutional Report contains much more numerical information, as well as open-ended responses in the arts graduates’ own words.

Survey Data, Methodology, and Reliability

The average institutional response rate was 18%. The overall SNAAP response rate has remained steady from year to year. To explore response rates and sampling error from your own institution, as well as those from your comparison groups and the overall set of SNAAP respondents, see the “Respondent Characteristics” section of the SNAAP Institutional Report.

Response representativeness is at least as important as response rates in survey research. A recent study using SNAAP data reported that even though response rates on alumni surveys may be lower, they are just as representative as studies with much higher response rates. More information here.

Participating Institutions

The 82 postsecondary institutions and 6 arts high schools included in the “All SNAAP” data are listed here. Alumni comparisons include only those at comparable levels (e.g., high school, undergraduate, or graduate). “All SNAAP” percentages do not include your own alumni results.